First and foremost, you get an introduction to a unique stock trading strategy that enables you to take advantage of market volatility, to buy low and sell high repeatedly throughout the day, week, month, and year. Does that sound complicated? Can you read a text? Then you can make money with this system.

Our alert system can help you realize your financial goals and dreams … we’re certain of it because we’ve seen it happen. In exchange for your subscription price you will receive:

98Sensor Alerts

SMS Alerts

The number of alerts each month will be determined by the market of course. History has shown that at a minimum these will amount to fifteen monthly alerts, but are typically much higher. Take a look at this track record for a subscriber to get an idea of how often you can expect your alerts.


We send you our alerts via your phone and Twitter to help lessen the chance that you’ll miss an alert from us. When you become a 98Sensor subscriber we will provide you detailed instructions on setting up our alerts on your phone. And to provide you with yet another way to receive our alerts we will set you up to follow our exclusive 98 Percent Winners Twitter feed.

Exclusive Website Content

For being a subscriber you will receive access to the private portion of our website that is only accessible to our subscribers. When you log in with your own unique user name and password you will have access to tutorials on the 98Sensor strategy, bonus reports, our blog and more!


You get all three plus our Guarantee!

Our Guarantee