Perhaps like so many others today you’ve asked yourself the following questions:

  1. How do I make money in the stock market? Buy and hold strategies produce about 7% per year gains (in good years). Option strategies area 50/50 guess and 90% of option traders lose money. I know there’s money to be made there, but I just don’t know or have the time to figure it out for myself.
  2. How do I know when to buy low and sell high?

As the title of the site alludes, 98 Percent Winners is about getting a large number of trades right. First, the strategy was tested while working on a website called from November 2, 2012 to December 6, 2013. Our stats on there were:

Trades: 904
# Wins: 
# Losses: 2
Winning %: 99.78%
Avg $ Gain: $670
Avg % Gain: 3.66%
Profit: $199,866

You can review more of our results by going here.

And while no longer affiliated with that site we do continue to post trades there and our updated stats through May 26, 2016 are:

Trades: 1423
# Wins: 1420

# Losses: 3
Winning %: 99.79%
Avg $ Gain: $515
Avg % Gain: 2.77%
Profit: $731,300!!!

After proving this strategy works we left the financial services industry and went out on our own. In November of 2014 we launched this website in an effort to share this strategy with others and help them make money. No agenda. No hidden catch. No “get rich quick” scheme. Just simply to make money.

From November 2014 through December 2015 we sent 423 alerts to our subscribers that, if followed, made them $255,256 in profits (assuming 1000 shares/trade, some traded less). And despite the choppy waters of uncertainty in 2016 has been a very profitable year for our subscribers.

We have resolved to help others share in this strategy and endeavor to teach our subscribers the following:

  1. How to trade faster
  2. Why volatility is good
  3. Educate the student as to when to buy and when to sell
  4. Profits taken as quickly as possible
  5. It really is fun (when was the last time someone told you THAT?)

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not a high-risk investment. This is a proven, time-tested system designed to educate and allow you to realize a higher rate of return on your portfolio.

To learn more, please request a copy of our Free Report “Making Dollars & Sense: Buy Low, Sell High & Get It Right 98% of the Time.”